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Process management



Model your processes within a recognized standard.

Continuous improvement

Continuously improve your processes without service disruption.


Accédez facilement aux différentes versions des processus.

Document generation

Generate complete documentation of your process in one click.


Deploy any version of a process with just one click.

Drag and drop

Easily create your processes with the drag-and-drop system.

Role management

Manage the access rights of each member of your team (initiator, controller, supervisor, etc.).

BPMN import/export

Easily import and export your processes.

Activity tracking



Create all the metrics you need to drive your business. Discover more.


Run thousands of scenarios in seconds. Discover more.


View your data and KPIs in graphical and visual dashboards.


Accurately track the status of your activities.

Identify bottlenecks

Anticipate your sticking points and your employees’ planned workloads.


Easily find all the data entered in Iterop.

Shared dashboards

Share dashboards specific to your employees.


View all your current and past data in graphs.Discover more



Task assignment

Assign your users to their respective tasks.


Schedule alerts if deadlines are missed.

Zapier integration

Easily connect Iterop to thousands of applications via Zapier. Discover more.

Task automation

Easily automate the sending of emails, documents, approvals etc.

Intégration au SI via API (Rest)

Integrate your IT system into your processes.


Be notified when new tasks come in.

Directory management

Quickly integrate all your corporate directories (internal, LDAP, active directory, etc.).

PDF generation

Automatically export your data in PDF format.


Start a process with a simple email.

Single sign-on (SSO)

With single sign-on, you can use a single password for all your applications.

Google Suite

Easily connect Iterop with all Google applications. Discover more.

Your applications

Connect your application data with Iterop Discover more.



100% web SaaS

Iterop can be accessed from any device type (phones, tablets and computers).

External form

Integrate your external employees.

Custom forms

Create accurate, customized forms.

Ergonomic interface

Use an interface suitable for cellular devices.

Comments and messages

Communicate effectively with your teams through comments.

Document integration

Add all the documents necessary to successfully complete your activities.

Work with spreadsheets

Consultez, modifiez, manipulez des feuilles de calcul / Excel directement dans vos tâches Iterop.

But also



Iterop is hosted in France, your data is encrypted and belongs to you alone.


Personalize Iterop with your graphic charter, logo and business expressions.

Account delegation

Grant access to your Iterop account by adding a delegate for a specified period.