Banking digitization: enrich the everyday lives of your teams and customers

without sacrificing human relationships.

Digitization: favor cross-channel over “all digital”

Digitization projects have become a priority to cope with the competition represented by online banks and the many applications of fintech. Nonetheless, human relationships remain an important deciding factor for customers. Therefore traditional banks must choose innovative solutions that combine customer/advisor/manager collaboration, considering all communication channels (paper, web, mobile, etc.).

“We are working in co-construction with the Iterop teams, innovation managers, and branch teams. Now, our customers’ requests are processed faster and more efficiently, which has had a significant impact on their satisfaction.”

Sébastien CONFESSON – process & organization manager –
Crédit Agricole Centre France

Crédit Agricole

Entering a customer relationship: the first step in a successful customer journey

Read the customer case

Listen better to customers and offer a banking experience tailored to everyone

By multiplying channels of communication, banking institutions enhance the customer journey and reduce the risk of dissatisfaction.

Digitize your paper flows and reduce processing lead times

Process automation of incoming documents greatly simplifies the operations-related work. No more risk of forgetting, faster response times, and advisors focused on their core business, instead of administrative management.

Modernisez vos méthodes de travail et évoluez au rythme de la réglementation

Being able to comply with regulatory standards in just a few clicks is a key factor of success in the banking industry.

Some banking processes to be digitized in 2020

Customer onboarding

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